Month: February 2018

White Quartz Worktop

Get a handle on handleless kitchens

What makes a handleless kitchen? Elegant and minimalist, the handleless kitchen is the perfect choice when aiming for the modern look. There are ultimately two main types of handleless kitchen styles. The first of this is known as the ‘J-trim’ style, in which the handleless detailing is built into the top of the door in […]


Pancake day recipe

Happy Pancake Day; enjoy making these three styles of pancakes with children, friends and family.   5 Minute Pancakes INGREDIENTS 100g plain flour 1 large egg 300ml semi-skimmed milk Oil or melted butter for Frying. Makes 8 Sift the flour into the bowel and make a well in the centre adding the egg and half […]

Kitchen LED Lighting by Ream

How can I brighten up my kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of the household, and you may find that your mood (and munching habits) are reflective of the space within. Making your kitchen lighter can also make a small space seem bigger. Avoid a dull and dreary kitchen forever with our tips for keeping your kitchen bright and light. 1.  Lighting […]