An Honest Guide To Buying A Kitchen

 “Half Price Quality Kitchens - Plus A Free Dishwasher!”

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, it really is too good to be true. What’s not mentioned in that headline is the cost of supplies, worktops, flooring, all the way through to installation. At each step of the process you’ll find yourself exposed to yet another hidden cost and as the price quickly rises, the gripping offer that drew you in is now just a distant memory.

When you take on the project of a new kitchen there are many considerations to weigh up, and the last thing you want is to be targeted by some of the bigger company’s classic ways of putting you out of pocket. We’ve rounded up some of the most important things you should consider before you buy a new kitchen so you can enter the game with a few tips and tricks up your sleeves.

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Ream Clients Kitchen in Rochester

Setting the right budget

Every great project starts with the allocation of a budget and of course you don’t want to be over-ambitious, but you wouldn’t want to sell yourself short either. A good rule of thumb is that you should aim to spend around 20% of the value of your house on a new kitchen, the heart of the home. You may be shocked or possibly even a little intimidated by this sum but look what happens when you start to break it down:

  • 35% spent on cabinets for optimal storage
  • 20% for worktops that align with your kitchen’s style
  • 20% for reliable, lifelong kitchen appliances
  • 15% is kept for backsplashes and flooring
  • 5% electrical induced costs
  • 3% for plumbing
  • 2% on quality painting

Before beginning the design process, Ream will always discuss your budget to ensure all these features are incorporated. We are completely transparent and always advise on what is more or less affordable to ensure that you are always covered. It’s worth getting the budget right the first time. If you don’t plan correctly you will only find yourself falling victim to hidden costs further down the line.

Get An Accurate Quote

You’ve been promised a kitchen for £999 so why wouldn’t you get that kitchen for that price?

The price you see on the TV adverts is usually only inclusive of around 8 units, which is unlikely to be as many as you will need. So you’ll ask for extra units, to which the answer will be yes, but for the following price, at which point you’re left to pick up your jaw from the floor.

Installation Costs

When you’ve come to terms with the added units you’ve been forced to pay for you’ll be patiently waiting for the company to organise when to fit the kitchen in your home. Unfortunately, fitting leaves an almighty dent in your bank account, unless of course you’re experienced and can fit it yourself. These are some of the tasks that will impact the price of installation:

  • Your old kitchen needs to be ripped out and disposed of.
  • Appliances to be removed which requires an experienced plumber or electrician on site.
  • Flooring and tiling will need to be professionally fitted.
  • You may need new skirting boards which will incur an additional cost

Fitters will be paid for their work at an average cost of around £350-400 a day. Now you see why the installation process can significantly bump up the price of your new kitchen.

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Ream Client Kitchen Walderslade

Things To Watch Out For

A ‘free’ consultation is great when it is actually free.

Ream Interiors offer a free consultation that some companies will charge a fee of £50 and upwards for. What’s even better, we will follow your consultation up with a free planning service where we will take the time to understand your specific requirements.

It’s our mess, you clean it.

When a company quotes you on how much your new kitchen will cost, they will fail to tell you that they won’t fix their own mistakes. Not for free, anyway. That hole you ended up with after your lights and electrics were fitted? You can find that in your invoice too. If you work with Ream you can be certain that you’ll receive a detailed, fully inclusive quote - with absolutely no hidden extras. And it’s fantastic value for money.

Expensive Worktops.

Worktops can be a key contributor to the cost of your new kitchen, with prices from £375 for laminate all the way up to £3000-4000 for Granite and Corian. The durability and practical qualities of a worktop are particularly important, especially in a kitchen where there will be steam, hot water, gas and potential spillages. A lot of new-build kitchens will have displays with wooden kitchen tops however these require a lot of maintenance and offer poor heat resistance.

Do you want a bespoke or factory kitchen?

In the race to compete with the lowest prices, many franchises are turning to factory-built kitchens and unqualified designers who have been insufficiently trained. They will usually attend a week-long ‘crash course’, whereby staff are taught how to design kitchens using CAD software. What these training courses fail to teach is the understanding of building a kitchen. That means when it comes to designing your dream kitchen, the designer won’t know enough about actually fitting it to create the best design. If a proper on-site survey is not done then major issues can start to arise. This will leave the finished kitchen looking less than high quality, especially if pipes and radiators are in the way or units aren’t fitting.

Choose a company that is KBSA approved.

Always check before you buy your kitchen that the company is KBSA approved. This means you are completely covered, should the company go into liquidation during the build or design process you will get your deposit refunded.




For Ream, designing and fitting bespoke new kitchens is our passion, not just a sales pitch. We are renowned for competitive pricing and calculate accurate costs for every individual design, taking into account the complexity of units, manufacturing time and materials. Your kitchen will be tailored for your individual needs; a bespoke and unique design with a pricing system that reflects this.

Have you fallen out of love with your kitchen? Come and visit your local specialists to help you once again fall in love with your home.

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