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How much should I pay for a kitchen?

Buying your dream kitchen can seem like a daunting task. With a host of different components to consider and companies to choose from, understanding how much to budget can be difficult, and honestly, there is no easy answer when it comes to defining a definitive price. In this short article, we have put together a […]

Would you have your Washing Machine in the Kitchen?

Following BBC Radio Kent’s discussion with Julia George, we ask whether a washing machine in a kitchen is acceptable. With households in Europe storing their washing machines in bathrooms, hallways and other areas of their home, the debate centres on where the washing machine is best placed in your home? Lara, our Ream Interiors kitchen […]

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What is a Shaker Kitchen?

From contemporary to classic kitchens, the “Shaker” cabinet style has certainly stood the test of time, remaining remarkably popular to this day. You will more than likely have heard of this type of kitchen and may have a few questions about it. At Ream Interiors, our Kitchen Designers can help to answer these questions for […]

An Honest Guide To Buying A Kitchen

 “Half Price Quality Kitchens – Plus A Free Dishwasher!” Sounds great doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it really is too good to be true. What’s not mentioned in that headline is the cost of supplies, worktops, flooring, all the way through to installation. At each step of the process you’ll find yourself exposed to yet another hidden […]

The best bedroom storage ideas for a tidy room

Lack of bedroom storage space is a common complaint and can often lead to a cluttered-looking room, which is hardly ideal in a space which is supposed to inspire sleep and relaxation. However, with bespoke bedroom storage solutions, you can ensure that all your belongings have a place to help keep your bedroom looking neat […]

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On-Trend Colour Schemes for your Bathroom

While choosing a palette for bedrooms and living areas can be easy, deciding on a bathroom colour scheme sometimes feels a little limited, especially if you’re working with a small space. However, there are lots of gorgeous on-trend colour schemes that are guaranteed to look great in your bathroom, no matter what size it is. […]

How To Plan A Kitchen For Entertaining

The Perfect Kitchen For Hosting: The How To Guide In years gone by, the living room has been the place to relax, but busier lifestyles and broadening horizons when it comes to comes to food have meant that the main event of a party is often happening in the kitchen. From fancy cocktail making to […]

Kitchen Island Ideas

An Array Of Options For Your Dream Kitchen Island The modern-day kitchen is, more often than not, set around a showpiece kitchen island, and there are some key decisions to be made when it comes to deciding on yours. The kitchen island is the centrepiece of your dream space and will play a major part […]