Bathroom Taps

    Something to suit your style

    Elegant taps and unique heating
    The simplest of features within your bathroom can complete an entire concept. Taps can totally transform the look of a bathroom, creating a design element which ties a look together with luxurious flair. Products are continually under development in order to achieve the best performance; innovative and technologically advanced.

    Practical Beauty
    Change your approach to water with regards to both consumption and creativity. Our bathroom taps are at the forefront of water efficiency, with design elements which highlight the beauty of the brassware. Wall mounted taps add a minimalist quality, while digital bath fillers enable precision temperature control. Each tap selected by our bathroom designers has been chosen for its ability to add style and a practical feature to any bathroom.

    Our Range
    Whether you’re looking for discrete traditional mixers or contemporary waterfall taps, our extensive collection has something for all spaces.

    Waterfall taps add a luxurious spa-like feature, while a thinner tap with a sculptural body can add an elegant touch. Want to add a dramatic touch to a neutral room? Choose a shocking black finish instead of chrome. With wall and deck mounted designs, tall and mini, and everything from standalone pieces to co-ordinated bath sets, the possibilities are beyond vast. Our designers can even help you choose the perfect set.

    Heating can become every inch the sculptural feature within your bathroom, as much as providing an element of warmth. Mixtures of construction, colour and concept allow you to choose a robust product, not only in terms of function and performance but also style and substance.

    Equally striking as simple, a radiator or towel warmer can effectively add character and open up a unique perspective upon your bathroom design.