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Introducing the new 'She Sheds'

At the start of time there were actual caves. Then we invented ‘The Man Cave’.

Where men could retire, hide, relax party alone or with the rest of their ‘pack’.

We’ve seen some pretty impressive man caves over the years with fully functioning bars, pool & snooker tables, kitchens, golf simulations, big screens for computer games and the man cave standard ‘lazy boy’ recliners complete with beer holder.

The next trend on the market is the female gender counter ‘The SHE shed’ and why not?

After all women should get to have their fun too right?

We’re seeing lots of these lady retreats popping up both contemporary and classic styles with kitchens, baking facilities, hammocks, big TVs, Cocktail bars, complete with Jacuzzi s, Sun Decks and Obviously candles and for relaxation.

What better way to have a few cheeky drinks with the girls or just enjoy that episode of Corrie  in peace!

Why should men have all the fun? Transform that spare space and create your perfect little retreat.