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    Making sure you choose the perfect kitchen appliances to add to your new kitchen is as important as the design itself. Ream provides high quality kitchen appliances from renowned electrical brands such as AEG, Siemens, Neff and Bosch.

    The right appliance can make all the difference in ensuring you kitchen is fully functional and doing its job properly. By picking our quality kitchen appliances that are tailored to your culinary habits and methods, your kitchen is guaranteed to have a very happy and long lifespan. We have a range of high quality kitchen appliances suited to any kitchen, design or budget, which will make all the difference to the overall look of your bespoke kitchen as well as making your life easier when it comes to working in your kitchen.

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    Why not bring your kitchen appliances into the 21st century too with a new induction oven or a self cleaning oven – pyrolytic oven?

    They not only look the part in your kitchen but will make your life easier too! Plus, you’ll get peace of mind knowing our AEG Premier Partner products are covered with a 5 year warranty. Which means in the unlikely event that something should happen and any of your kitchen appliances stop working, and you don’t want a whole new kitchen, we can provide replacement appliances from the latest up to date ranges available.

    As an AEG Premier Partner, we get:

    • A 5 year warranty on AEG Premier Partner products.
    • The latest know-how and expertise in the appliance technology from AEG themselves.
    • To share our knowledge with you.

    Whether you need a new electric or gas hob and oven, to freezers, fridges and extractor fans, laundry machines including washing machines and dishwashers, we have an expansive range of appliances for you to choose from.

    Wondering which appliances are best for your kitchen?

    Our professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy staff will be able to recommend the best appliances for your kitchen needs. Get in contact with us today to find out more, or if you’d like to see them in action, come along to our award-winning showroom.

    We also know that getting to grips with state-of-the-art kitchen appliances can be mind-boggling, but it doesn’t have to be. Our friendly team will be on hand and more than happy to help explain to you how these new appliances work, to help make your life in your kitchen simpler.