We pride ourselves on consistently creating high quality home installations for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and home offices.

We’ve got a wealth of experience that has taught us that as well as excellent planning and great designs, you also need top quality products to make a room truly special. That’s why we manufacture many of the units used in our projects ourselves.

Expert Craftsmen

Within our workshop, we use the perfect blend of technology and traditional skills to ensure your units are made to the highest specification using only the best quality materials.  Our experienced manufacturing team have worked with us for years and their attention to detail and craftsmanship are second to none.

We are thorough in our production process, and create units for all sorts of different functions in your home, from kitchen cabinets and bedroom shelving, to a bathroom sink cupboard unit or fitted desk storage for your home office. Our creativity and experience, ensures we maximise the use of your space, letting you achieve your vision. 

Bespoke Benefits

Being able to create our own units gives us several big advantages when it comes to making our customers’ design dreams a reality. We can offer bespoke products that are customised to actual dimensions of your room at home, and we’re able to provide a series of customisable packages to tradesmen, builders and developers. Having our own warehouse also lets us keep on top of the production and ensure everything runs smoothly, so you won’t have any unwanted delays in the installation of your new fitted room. It also lets us experiment to create more reliable, intricate and interesting designs for use in future projects.

If you have a particular design idea in mind, why not ask one our design experts and see if we can help bring it to life in your home? As standard, all our work comes with a full warranty and we never ask for final payment until your project is complete.