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NEFF Slide & Hide Ovens

“Cooking inspires people. People inspire us.”

NEFF believes that the kitchen is the heart of every home. A place to eat, meet and get creative with your cooking. With high innovation and functionality your NEFF integrated appliances work hard for you behind closed doors to leaving you, your kitchen design and dinner plans uninterrupted.

Renowned for the Slide&Hide disappearing oven door and steam cooking, a NEFF kitchen is equipped for every dish in the kitchen. Enjoy your time with friends and family while your NEFF appliances work quietly behind the door. Features such as food preservation cooking solutions which keep your food fresher for longer, so you can enjoy knowing your ingredients are fresh and ready to use. NEFFs flexible fridge and freezer feature internal storage to adjust shelves and drawers to accommodate large or unusual items with a range of heights the choice is yours to fit in your space and your lifestyle.

What you can expect from us....

A room built for and around your needs
High quality and bespoke furniture
Designed to fit any room size and shape

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Everything installed by our very own experts
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