• AEG-Refrigeration-Integrated-Tall-Fridge-Freezer by-Ream

  • AEG-Refrigeration-Custom-FlexIntegrated-No-Frost-Fridge-Freezer-SCE81824NC-by-Ream

  • AEG-Refrigeration-Integrated-Fresh-Fridge-Storage--by-Ream

  • AEG-Refrigeration-Integrated-Fridge-with-Soft-Close-Doors-ABB68211AF-by-Ream

  • AEG-Refrigeration-Integrated-Fridge-Glass-Half-Shelves-By-Ream

  • AEG-Refrigeration-Integrated-Fridge-with-Soft-Close-Doors-SKK81821DC-by-Ream

  • AEG-Built-in-Refrigeration-Integrated-No-Frost--Fridge-Freezer-SCB61812LS-By-Ream

  • AEG-Built-in-French-Door-Fridge-Freezer-RMB76311NXBy-Ream

    AEG Built-in Refrigeration-Perfect Fit Fridge Freezer

  • AEG-Built-in-Refrigeration-American-Style-Fridge-Freezer-RMB76111NX-By-Ream

  • AEG-Built-in-Refrigeration-American-Style-Fridge-Freezer-open--RMB76111NX-By-Ream

  • AEG-Built-in-Refrigeration-Perfect Fit Fridge Freezer-Open-By-Ream

  • AEG-Built-in-Refrigeration-Perfect-Fit-Fridge

    AEG Built-in Refrigeration-Perfect Fit Fridge Freezer

  • AEG-Refrigeration-Integrated-Long-Fresh-Fridge-SKK81826ZC-by-Ream

  • AEG-Refrigeration-Integrated-No-Frost-Fridge-Storage-by-Ream

  • AEG-Refrigeration-Integrated-No-Frost-Fridge-Storage-SCS81827TS

  • AEG-Built-in-Refrigeration-Integrated-No-Frost-Freezer-ABK8

  • AEG-Refrigeration-Integrated-No-Frost-Freezer-by-Ream

  • AEG-Refrigeration-Integrated-No-Frost-Freezer-ABE81226NC-by-Ream

  • AEG-Built-in-Refrigeration-Undercounter7-BottleWine-Cooler-SWE61501DG-By-Ream.

  • AEG-Built-in-Refrigeration-Undercounter7-Bottle

  • AEG-Built-in-Refrigeration-Undercounter-18-Bottle-Wine-Cooler-SWE63001DG-By-Ream

  • AEG-Built-in-Refrigeration-Undercounter-46-Bottle-Wine-Cooler-SWE66001DG-By-Ream

  • AEG-Wine-Cooling-in-Column-Large-capacity-Stainless-Steel-Wine-Cellar-By-Ream-Appliances-SWD81800G1

  • AEG-Refrigeration-Integrated-Under-Counter-Larder-Fridge-SKE58221AF-by-Ream

    AEG Integrated Under Counter Larder Fridge

  • AEG-Refrigeration-Integrated-Under-Counter-Fridge-SFE58221AF-by-Ream

  • AEG-Refrigeration-Integrated-Under-Counter-Freezer-ABB68211AF-by-Ream


When it comes to chilling and freezing food, Ream can help you with the perfect appliance for your everyday needs. Fridges and freezers are an integral part of storing your fresh and frozen produce and keeping both food and drinks safe for usage and increasing the shelf-life of produce. Add style in your kitchen with with expansive fridge freezers, larder fridges and American style fridge freezers.

Integrated Fridge Freezers

Create your own perfectly organised fridge with Custom Fresh Storage from AEG. There are compartments in all shapes and sizes which allow you to arrange your way. Simply click and clip the compartments quick and easy to maximise storage space and adapt to your taste.

Fridge Storage solution with Custom Flex from AEG

Produce stay fresh with Twin Tech from AEG

Integrated Under Counter Larder Fridges and Freezers

When space is minimal, there’s no need to miss out on great quality. Ream has a wide range of under counter or larder fridges and freezers to suit your needs with frost free and storage options.

Wine Coolers

Make room for a wine cooler in your kitchen. The wine cabinets can range from 7 bottles to 48 and beyond. With smoked glass and wooden telescopic shelving, your wine is kept at a consistent temperature.

American Style Fridge Freezers

Create a statement in your kitchen with an American Fridge Freezer. Enjoy fresh and chilled water with a fully integrated water dispenser and never defrost the freezer again!

French Door Fridge Freezers

French door fridge freezer offer multiple compartments which are easy to open and store food.

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