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Get a handle on handleless kitchens

What makes a handleless kitchen? Elegant and minimalist, the handleless kitchen is the perfect choice when aiming for the modern look. There are ultimately two main types of handleless kitchen styles. The first of this is known as the ‘J-trim’ style, in which the handleless detailing is built into the top of the door in […]

Kitchen Stori Georgia Shaker Kitchen

What is a Shaker Kitchen?

From contemporary to classic looks the “Shaker” recessed panel kitchen cabinet style has stood the test of time.  It is no surprise that you have most likely heard of this recessed panel cabinetry profile and have a few questions about it. At Ream, the Kitchen Designers help to answer them for you: from what a shaker […]


Light the Way

As the nights draw in closer, the Ream Kitchen Designers turn to kitchen lighting ideas with pictures which can enhance your culinary experience. Our kitchens have transformed from a place of preparing meals to a modern space where we have casual dining, a social space to entertain and possibly a comfy sofa and a large TV. […]

Luxury Fitted Bathroom by Ream tall bath and basin with storage

Shortlisted for the Kitchen, Bathroom Designer Awards 2017

The KBSA, the Kitchen Bathroom and Bedroom Association has announced its shortlist for the Designer Awards 2017. From the lucky few selected, we are proud to share that Gayle, Reams Bathroom Designer has been shortlisted for the 2017 KBSA Designer Awards. Recognised across the Kitchens, Bathrooms and Bedrooms industry the KBSA is the association for […]

Would you have your Washing Machine in the Kitchen?

Following BBC Radio Kent’s discussion with Julia George on whether a washing machine in a kitchen is acceptable? With households in Europe housing their washing machines in bathrooms, hallways and other areas of their home, the debate centres on where the washing machine is in your home? Lara, Ream Kitchen Designer featured on the morning discussion […]

An Honest Guide To Buying A Kitchen

“Half Price Quality Kitchens – Plus A Free Dishwasher!” Sounds great doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it really is too good to be true. What’s not mentioned in that headline is the cost of supplies, fitting, worktops all the way through to installation. At each step of the process you’ll find yourself exposed to yet another hidden […]

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10 Small Design Details That Can Transform Your Kitchen

When designing your kitchen there are some neat design ideas which can make all the difference to your kitchen layout and functionality. We explore with Houzz the best kitchen designs from independent retailers. Contact our Kitchen Designers or get a call back from them at your convenience. 10 Small Design Details That Can Transform Your […]

Ream zylo-and-avola-gloss-ream-kitchen-kent

Xylo Avola Kitchen Display

Ream are excited to announce a new kitchen display at the Gillingham showroom, Kent. The two tone kitchen is a combination of Xylo and Avola gloss doors to create a contemporary kitchen. The area is accentuated with a media area and table to complement a seamless living space. The cabinetry inside match the door colours. […]