Would you have your Washing Machine in the Kitchen?

Following BBC Radio Kent’s discussion with Julia George on whether a washing machine in a kitchen is acceptable? With households in Europe housing their washing machines in bathrooms, hallways and other areas of their home, the debate centres on where the washing machine is in your home?

Lara, Ream Kitchen Designer featured on the morning discussion with Kent Listeners and shared her insights on working with the space you have in your kitchen and the rest of your home. “With integrated washing machines which are quieter and slimline, the washing machine is no longer an eyesore in the kitchen” says Lara. All homes come in all shapes and sizes and its not like one solution fits all. A Kitchen Designer works with the space and ensures the clients get their dream kitchen.

On the flip-side, there has been a rise in the number of home extensions which have the washing machine in the kitchen and open living space or where possible there is a chance to incorporate a compact laundry or utility room. Read our blog on laundry room solutions. Lara recently designed a laundry room which had storage solutions to a washing machine and tumble dryer with a pullout detergents drawer. View the kitchen here. 

Utility solution in a Kitchen in Hoo, Kent. kitchen-and-utility-hoo-kent-5

A Ream Kitchen in Blackheath with an integrated washing machine inside a cabinet.


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