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After 18 years, Mrs Oliver decided it was high time to update her kitchen. She had been used to her husband making the key decisions about home improvement but now, having sadly lost her husband to cancer in 2013, she knew she would have to make the decision herself for the first time. She was aware of how disruptive it could be to revamp a kitchen and the number of reported scams which often target women in similar circumstances to her. She knew she needed to find an organisation whom she could trust and who would supply reliable and trustworthy builders and fitters, as well as support her in regaining her confidence to make these kinds of big investment decisions.

Luckily for Mrs Oliver, Ream was recommended to her by a friend. When she visited our showroom she met Lara, one of our experienced and helpful kitchen designers.Mrs Oliver has nothing but thanks and praise for Lara, Steve and his installation team, for helping her with everything she needed and aiding her on decision making.

“Lara literally interviewed me for my new kitchen. After a series of questions, including my lifestyle, how I lived, what I liked and disliked, as well as my hopes for the future. Lara also asked me about considerations I hadn’t even thought of. I knew I wanted a cosy and snug “feel” to the kitchen as it is the hub of my home as well as needing to cope with large numbers when the family all come to visit or stay. Lara really listened to my answers and even took on board that I love to bake, enjoy entertaining but also, working for myself, often do not have enough time to do everything I would like to. I felt that Lara really understood my situation and perspective, my need for flexibility and the kind of stylish but sensible classic kitchen design I wanted to achieve. When Lara presented me with her design ideas, I was over the moon. They gave me exactly the blend of style and practicality with some really clever features to make best use of the space”
We were also talked through how much Mrs Oliver was looking to spend. Unlike other companies who had often ignored budgets, Mrs Oliver appreciated the fact that Lara was able to provide her with costings that were exactly on target but which gave her the flexibility to go slightly under or over depending on the fittings she chose.

“It was so nice to have a direct quote, and it was exciting to see my design that Lara had created with my interests solely at the centre. When it came to having to make the decisions about the detailed components of the design, Lara skilfully guided me through this and my confidence grew as she did so.”
Mrs Oliver said she felt supported throughout the design and fitting process. Knowing herself not be a “details” person , she felt reassured when Lara explained the details of the design and provided a full breakdown of the costs in the quotation.

“I felt comfortable and safe to leave this project in the capable hands of the Ream’s Installations Team. I knew Ream had my interests at heart through the whole process. The installation was equally fantastic as Steve and his team were clean and tidy, with dust kept to a minimum. They were always ready to answer, any technical questions I had. I felt comfortable and trusted my home to the Ream’s installers as they were safe, considerate and talented. The custom made setting is great for when I entertain, perfect for when the family coming to stay and especially I know it will be safe when my young granddaughter starts walking around.”
Mrs Oliver’s old kitchen didn’t go to waste either. She volunteered to give parts of her old kitchen to help over ten families as part of “Flood Aid Calderdale” in Yorkshire. Ream carefully dismantled the old kitchen so she and a friend could transport the kitchen six hours away, to help families affected by the treacherous floods over Christmas 2015.

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